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Knights of Columbus raising money for ultrasound machine in Cambridge

(Steubenville Register) — the Knights of Columbus – Cambridge Council 1641 – has initiated a fund drive to save lives. The Cambridge Knights are spearheading a fund drive to collect money to purchase an ultrasound machine for the Open Arms Pregnancy Center, which serves Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Knights from Barnesville Our Lady of Assumption Council 5250 and Noble County Father Kleuber Council 2565 have joined with their fellow Cambridge Knights to raise $17,500.

The money raised locally will be matched by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus to enable the purchase of the ultrasound machine, explained Ed Alexsonshk, Ron Engott, Ron Ginnetti and Michael Ginnetti, as they sat during a recent late afternoon at the pregnancy center, 1109 Steubenville Ave., with Andrea Woodmansee, center executive director, and Jane F. Grimm, longtime affiliate of the Guernsey County Right to Life, and pro-life coordinator for her parish, Christ Our Light, Cambridge. MORE



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March for Life changes tone

(Columbia) — Friars and nuns in woolen winter capes and thousands of fellow Catholics rallied Wednesday in frigid temperatures and snow at the 41st annual March for Life. The world's largest antiabortion event, held on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, grows younger each year. The Mall between Seventh Street and the Washington Monument was full for a few hours with youth groups from across the eastern half of the country. Abortion has been legal in the United States for these young people's entire lives, and the movement's leaders say the latest generation of activists is creating a more upbeat culture. Graphic images of fetuses and angry sermons shouted through bullhorns were rare Wednesday. Instead, the Mall was filled with people holding placards with such slogans as "We are the pro-life generation" and large images of a smiling Pope Francis. MORE

GOOD NEWS: Ohio Department of Health Shuts Down Sharonville Abortion Clinic 

(OhioLife.org) – Today, the Ohio Department of Health affirmed its order to shut down abortionist Martin Haskell's Sharonville clinic, the Lebanon Road Surgery Center, for failure to meet Ohio medical standards.  Specifically, Haskell's clinic operated without a transfer agreement with any area hospital and was unable to identify any doctors within the region that wanted to assist his abortion business. Haskell's abortion clinic must cease all operations and close its doors on or before February 4, 2014. "We want to thank the Health Department for enforcing Ohio law and refusing to allow the abortion industry to escape complying with health and safety standards," said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. MORE

Defense of conscience critical to pro-life movement, scholar says >>

Poll finds strong US support for abortion restrictions >>

New film inspired by work of crisis pregnancy centers >>

Pope Francis tweet supports, prays for US pro-life march >>

Youth travel through storms to give witness at March for Life >>

Cardinal: joy and compassion are at heart of pro-life movement >>

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Girl Scouts Promotes Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius As Woman Of “Courage and Character ” >>

Parents Reject Abortion When Told Their Baby Would Have No Arms or Legs >>

MLK's witness continues to push for justice 'rooted in love' >>

LA archdiocese launches pro-life networking app >>

House Passes Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions >>

Bishop Sees Europe Moving Away From ‘Culture of Death’ >>

 ‘Superpope’ Artist: Pope Francis Is a True Hero >>

 Republicans promise flurry of pro-life legislation in 2014 at March for Life >>

Stunning discovery creates ethical stem cells >>

The Human Cloning Goal Behind Stem Cell Cures >>

Pope Tells Notre Dame to 'Defend, Preserve, Advance’ Catholic Identity >>

Indiana state house approves constitutional amendment banning gay ‘marriage’ >>

Two types of HHS mandate cases are at different points in legal process >>

Virginia bishops vow to defend voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage >>

Walk for Life West Coast draws witness across generations

(CNA/EWTN News).- This past Saturday the tenth annual Walk for Life West Coast drew people from across the nation and of all age groups, particularly young adults and college students, to a prayerful witness to the value of life. “We drove up yesterday, an eight hour drive, and we're here to support the movement to end abortion,  and to join with other Christians, and other people of faith – and people not of faith – because abortion is not a Christian topic … to fight alongside them, and to pray for an end to abortion,” Simon Esshaki, 22, told CNA Jan. 25 while preparing to begin the Walk. Esshaki, a seminarian of the Chaldean Eparchy of St. Peter the Apostle, had traveled on a bus from San Diego among a sizable group of Chaldean Catholics to participate in the pro-life witness held annually in San Francisco. Many of the some 50,000 participants were university students, coming from Berkeley across the bay, Thomas Aquinas College downstate, and even from Wyoming Catholic College, four states away. MORE

West Virginia Attorney General: State Allows Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

(LifeNews.com) – The attorney general of the state of West Virginia made a startling admission to the state legislature during a hearing this past week: West Virginia allows virtually unlimited abortions up to birth. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey presented the Senate Finance Committee with his office’s budget but was asked questions about abortion because his office is investigating an abortion issue. Morrisey discussed the details of a law on abortion, brought up by Sen. Erik Wells, D-Kanawha. The attorney general said he simply enforces the law, and the law is that abortions in the state can be performed up until birth. “Currently West Virginia permits abortions to be performed up until birth, not many people realize that, when you have individuals that may perform abortions up to birth — that raises safety concerns,” Morrisey said. “I’m focusing on the law, the reality is there’s no arguing it is permitted up to birth,” Morrisey said. MORE

Rankings show pro-life 'momentum' in US state laws

(CNA/EWTN News).- Organizers of a recent report monitoring pro-life laws in states throughout the country said that the data shows a trend towards the legal protection of women and their unborn children. “Real pro-life momentum is reshaping the country as legislators craft protections for both mother and child, the victims of an avaricious abortion industry,” Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United For Life, said Jan. 14. “Common-sense pro-life legislation saves lives and has broad public support in light of what we’re learning about the health risks of abortion for women.” Americans United for Life, which works to develop and promote model pro-life legislation for states, recently released its 2014 “Life List,” which ranks various states by the degree to which their laws protect women and unborn children from abortion. Yoest said the report tracks progress toward “achieving a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.” MORE

EWTN hopeful after Supreme Court ruling on Little Sisters

(CNA/EWTN News).- News that the U.S. Supreme Court has granted an exemption from the contraception mandate to the Little Sisters of the Poor is a hopeful sign for other cases challenging the contraception mandate, EWTN says. “This decision to intervene, reached after a full court review, provides welcome relief to the Sisters and encouragement to the other plaintiffs who continue to challenge the mandate,” CEO Michael Warsaw of Eternal Word Television Network said Jan. 25. On Jan. 24 the entire Supreme Court granted an injunction to the Little Sisters of the Poor, saying that the Department of Health and Human Services is prohibited from enforcing its mandate on the sisters while they are challenging it in court. “The fact that organizations like EWTN or the Little Sisters of the Poor are not deemed to be religious enough to qualify for a full exemption from the mandate shows how senseless the government’s rules have become,” Warsaw said. MORE

Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 45.7 Percent When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town

(Christian Post) – A study across the Texas Panhandle, using government statistics from 16 counties, found that the teen pregnancy rates among 13-17-year olds from 1994 through 2010 showed dramatic declines even as Planned Parenthood Federation of America facilities in the region shut down—dwindling from 19 family planning facilities to zero. For decades, PPFA has publically maintained that it serves a key healthcare role for the American public by educating teens on “safe sex,” providing contraceptives, and reducing pregnancies. The breakthrough study titled “A Longitudinal Analysis of PPFA and Teen Pregnancy in the Texas Panhandle” refutes that claim. Found within a meta-analysis of Planned Parenthood, the report states that the teen pregnancy rate “reached its lowest point in recorded history two years after disaffiliation of the last two remaining facilities.” MORE

Obama Would Veto Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

(LifeNews.com) – The House of Representatives yesterday approved legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions that ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department. The White House says President Obama would veto it. The legislation combines several policies that must be enacted every year in Congressional battles and puts them into law where they will not be in jeopardy of being overturned every time Congress changes hands from pro-life lawmakers to those who support abortions. The House voted 227-188 for the bill with 221 Republicans and 6 Democrats voting to ban taxpayer funding of abortions under HR 7 while 187 Democrats and one Republican voted against it. MORE

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New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

 What can you do for your marriage in 2014? Try making a New Year’s resolution to improve your relationship. Here are some ideas to get started…MORE

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The Death of "Pro-Choice"

By Richard Doerflinger

Ever since Congress first approved the Hyde amendment in 1976, a nation divided on abortion has generally been able to agree on at least one thing: The government should not force Americans to fund or promote abortion against their will. Such coercion would violate both “life” and “choice,” the paramount values on both sides of this dispute. So for 37 years, Congress has approved (and, in many cases, annually reaffirmed) numerous provisions to prevent federal funding of abortion and abortion coverage in all but the rarest circumstances. MORE


Life Matters: A Catholic Response to the Death Penalty

Anthony Granado, USCCB Domestic Social Development Policy Advisor, writes on the Christian witness of mercy and care for all human life, including on death row as called for by the Gospel.

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Speaking to parents, the Holy Father said… “Above all, I want to tell you this: you are the persons who hand on the faith, the transmitters; you have the duty to pass on the faith to these babies. It is the most beautiful inheritance that you can give them: the faith!” (Pope Francis)

“God calls you to make definitive choices, and He has a plan for each of you: to discover that plan and to respond to your vocation is to move toward personal fulfilment.” (Pope Francis)

“To claim the right to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, and to recognize that right in law, means to attribute to human freedom a perverse and evil significance: that of an absolute power over others and against others. This is the death of true freedom.” (Blessed John Paul II)

“Many people are concerned with children of India, with the children of Africa where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is the greatest destroyer of peace today — abortion which brings people to such blindness.” (Blessed Mother Teresa)




The Pro-Life Movement is Making Significant Advances CitizenLink reviews the recent achievements of pro-life efforts across the nation. “We still face challenges, but all in all, advances are being made.”

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My House Columbus
is a non-pr
ofit lay apostolate working to promote sexual integrity through pornography prevention family protection, theology of the body information and resources, and accountability and healing networks. My House Columbus is a collaborative effort between Columbus Catholic Men’s Ministry, Columbus Catholic Women’s Ministry, and the Diocese of Columbus. My House offers three aspects: Protection, Healing, and Prevention. Learn more from their website.


Catholic Pulse is a service of the Knights of Columbus dedicated to bringing readers the top, daily headlines that Catholics need to know. We seek to present the news from the perspective of Catholics who want to know what’s happening in the Church, nation and world around them. From election coverage and breakthroughs in science, to breaking news and opinions around the globe, Catholic Pulse is the one-stop site that serves up those headlines quickly while providing further resources on social issues that are important to Catholics, such as the sanctity of life and marriage.  Learn more on their website.

 NCBCLooking for Catholic Bio-medical Ethics Information?  FREE consultations are available from the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC).  Established in 1972, NCBC conducts research, consultation, publishing and education to promote human dignity in health care and the life sciences, and derives its message directly from the teachings of the Catholic Church. According to their website, they guarantee that a credentialed ethicist will be available 24/7 to assist any person with those most difficult moral health care decisions one must make from the beginning to the end of life. In 2012 alone, the ethicists of the Center helped over 1500 individuals in their time of need; free of charge. Read more about them on their website.

CPYUThe Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. At a time when an already confusing youth culture is changing quickly, CPYU helps parents, youth workers, educators, and others understand teenagers and their culture so that they will be better equipped to help children and teens navigate the challenging world of adolescence.  They offer a free e-Update and many other resources.  Read more on their website.


Family Honor, Inc.  Rooted in Blessed John Paul II's Theology of the Body, Family Honor seeks to empower parents to educate and guide their children according to God's plan.  Family Honor offers a variety of programs and resources for parents, as well as programs for parents and teens together.  Learn more from their website. 




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