Canon Law

What's Canon Law? 
This is the collection of laws that govern the Catholic Church.  Every organization has to have rules and regulations to keep itself functioning.  The Catholic Church is a massive organization that stretches to the ends of the earth, and, considering its
size and the number of its members, it functions extremely well through its Canon Law (and more importantly, of course, the grace of the Holy Spirit!).

Whether we realize it or not, every Catholic is affected by Canon Law.  Studying a little about it can give one a deeper insight into the things that we believe as Catholics.

Here's some good places to turn to learn more about Canon Law:

Perhaps the best way to get a taste of it is to listen to a Catholic radio broadcast where they answer questions on Canon Law. Catholic Answers Live is a daily radio broadcast about a variety of topics of interest to Catholics.  You can search through their broadcast archives for "Ask a Canon Lawyer" shows.  I always enjoy them myself.

The Canon Law Info. website is a resource from Dr. Edward Peters, an expert on Canon Law.

You can find the actual text of Canon Law here.