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Catholic Links

Check out these resources for learning more about the Catholic faith:

Catholic Answers (My favorite resource!  Be sure to check out their radio program: Catholic Answers Live)

Catholics Come Home (An outstanding resource for understanding the richness of our faith!  I especially love their television ads and their testimonials.)

Catholic Education Resource Center (Lots of articles about a wide variety of topics)

Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar (find the dates for feast days and liturgical seasons)

Patron Saint Index (A great resource for learning about the saints.)

Saint of the Day (A wonderful resource.  Includes an audio feature where you can listen about the saint.)

Crossroads Initiative (I love how Dr. Marcelino D'Ambrosio explains the faith so clearly.)

The Father's Know Best (Awesome resource for learning about the Church Fathers.)

Catholic Convert (Steve Ray's site.  A great resource for anyone trying to explain the faith to non-Catholics.)