"To pray is to talk to God, but about what? About Him, about yourself; joys, sorrows, successes, and failures, noble ambitions, daily worries, weaknesses! And acts of thanksgiving and petitions: and Love and reparation. In a word: to get to know Him and to get to know yourself: to get acquainted."

- Saint Josemaria Escriva

Prayer is an essential part of our lives as Catholic Christians.  It is through prayer that we connect in a very personal and real way with the Lord, with the saints and angels in heaven, and even with other believers here on earth. 

But how does one pray and develop a prayer life?  This page is intended to offer some resources for those interested in learning to pray and deepening their prayer life.

Obviously this is not meant to be an exhaustive exploration of prayer, but rather a starting point, a simple resource for those who are seeking something more in their lives.

“By humble and faithful prayer, the soul acquires, with time and perseverance, every virtue.”

- Saint Catherine of Siena

Introdcution to Lectio Divina, praying with the scriptures, by Archbishop Collins of Toronto in Canada.