daily mass letter

Dear Second Grade Parents:

I am sending you this message because your son or daughter expressed an interest in being an altar server.

The custom at St. Mary Parish is to invite children to become altar servers for Daily Masses once they have received First Holy Communion.

Typically I contact the parents of interested students to gain their permission to participate in this ministry.However, due to a mistake or miscommunication, I ended up training all of the second graders who expressed an interest in being an altar server last Friday (May 6).

Your son or daughter participated in this training session. So, I am contacting you to see if they have your permission to join this ministry.

What does this look like?

Daily Masses are offered 7:45-8:20 AM Monday-Friday, and 9:00-9:35 AM on Saturdays. Students available during the week are assigned for a whole week (Monday-Friday) at a time. Saturdays are scheduled separately from that one-week block.

The frequency of serving varies greatly. I always give parents the opportunity to block out dates when their children are not available so they won’t be scheduled on those dates. There is also the opportunity to switch with other students through our email network.

How does the training work?

The training consists of three parts:

1)      An initial training session.   This is already completed!

2)      A follow-up.  The students will need to complete a simple quiz on the handbook prior to their first day serving Mass.  The quiz is all be objective questions (true/false, multiple choice, etc.) and is posted on my website (www.stmarysdre.info) in the liturgical ministry section. The purpose of this quiz is simply to remind the students about what they learned in the session and read from the handbook.

3)      A mentoring period.  Each new server will be assigned with an experienced server the first time they serve.

What’s the next step?

Please let me know if your son or daughter has your permission to be included on the next ministry schedule.

If the answer is YES, then please provide me with this information:

-          Is he or she available Monday-Friday, Saturday or both?

-          Are there any dates from June – September that he or she is NOT available?

This is a great opportunity for the students to both become more active in the Mass and learn about the Mass. It’s also a great service to the parish, one that is really needed!

You can learn more about our liturgical ministry program on my website (www.stmarysdre.info/liturgical-ministry). Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

In the Peace of Christ,
Joe Schmidt