Resources for Catechists

The internet offers a wealth of information and resources - sometimes too much.  It can be very difficult at times to wade through all that's out there, and to discern what is faithfully Catholic.

1) The company that publishes the Christ Our Life series that we use for religious education has a wealth of free resources on their website:

Video Introduction to Christ Our Life (A good concise overview.)

Activity Finder (Registration information is included with your teacher's manual.)

Lesson Planning

Family Resources

2) Here are some resources* that I have found to be very helpful in teaching the faith:

Catechism of the Catholic Church online:
Search Page and Index

Saint Index (a great resource for activities)

Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar (find the dates for feast days and liturgical seasons)

PuzzleMaker (create your own puzzles - a great resource for classroom activities!)

*For a list of the catechetical resources in our parish library, click here.

3) These websites provide solid answers to your questions about the faith:

Catholic Answers is one of the best resources for questions about the Catholic faith.  You can do a key word search through the content of their website, or listen to their daily radio broadcasts.  They also have a forum where you can read what other faithful Catholics think about various topics, and you can sign up and post comments and questions yourselves.

Catholic Education Resource Center provides a database of articles about a great variety of faith-related topics.

Catholics Come Home is a new website that reaches out to fallen away Catholics.  They have outstanding videos about the Catholic Church and testimonials of converts.  They also provide top notch information about what we believe as Catholics.

Catholics United for the Faith has a very helpful
Faith Facts section that addresses some of the most controversial topics.

4) Here are some resources for teen culture and media awareness:

Plugged In Online is a teen ministry of Focus on the Family that evaluates movies, music, video games etc. from a Christian perspective.  It's NOT a Catholic ministry, but it is the best resource that I know of.

5) Also, check out my page about the Holy Mass.

6) Finally, you may want to look at the list of resources we have in the Religious Education Library.