Origins of St. Valentine's Day?

posted Feb 14, 2013, 7:19 AM by Joseph Schmidt
I've been asked about this, so I did a little research. Jimmy Akin is an amazing Catholic Apologist and expert on the early Church. Here's what he writes:

St. Valentine’s Day
by Jimmy Akin

Today is St. Valentine’s day–a celebration that is among the top five holidays which have had their Christian meaning forgotten in contemporary culture (along with Easter, Christmas, Fat Tuesday [Mardi Gras], and Halloween).

But it’s still popular, and certainly if you have a special someone, you need to do your part and get or do something nice for them.


He also links to an article about the history of St. Valentine:

Lovers' holiday originates from wise, caring Italian bishop
By Simon Caldwell

LONDON (CNS) -- The man behind Feb. 14, when lovers around the world exchange cards and gifts, has been largely forgotten on his own feast day.

Such little significance is attached to the memory of St. Valentine that even in the Spanish capital of Madrid in 2005 only a handful of people visited the Church of St. Anton, where what is believed to be his skeleton is kept on a side altar in a glass-fronted baroque case.